Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Fire in Mâvarin

This is the opening scene of the third Mâvarin novel (or fifth volume, or something like that), which has the working title, The Mâvarin Revolutions. It's kind of a teaser for the book, and contains no information that could act as a spoiler to the first book (or the Mages trilogy, until you get about thousand pages in!).

I hope to have something made-to-order for you next week.

The Mâvarin Revolutions

by Karen Funk Blocher
© 2006 by KFB

Chapter One, Scene One

Masheldu, 4th Day of Nefilem, 897 MMY

the symbol of Mâvarin
The fire started in the middle of the day, in the middle of the village. There was no way to pinpoint the source of the flames: ten buildings caught fire in an instant, on all four corners of Murbeth’s only intersection.

People began yelling and running, in every direction at once. A grocer jumped through his shop window, trailing showers of bloody glass, his apron already smoldering. Four of his customers followed him out, mostly avoiding the jagged remains of the window pane.

Across the street and one building down, a man climbed out onto an already-burning rooftop below a second floor window. From there he jumped onto a hard-packed snowbank. The flames on his clothing died as he rolled to the bottom of the tiny icy hill.

High pitched screams came from a schoolhouse as timbers fell to block the building’s only exit. The four children who were already outside ran another twenty feet before turning to stare, teary-eyed, at the teacher and students on the other side of the burning doorway.

A mile away, Temet turned his head in the direction of his friends. At the moment they were less than shadows to his altered vision, but he drew comfort knowing they were there.

“This is the place,” he told them. “Hurry.”

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