Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Jace Letters, Part Three

I originally intended to rewrite or add to this entry, which I wrote in a hurry very late Saturday night, based on what I'd already written in my head. But I think I'll let it stand, except for fixing a typo and rewording one sentence. It probably helps to rush the writing just as much as Jace herself does here.

The Jace Letters

by Karen Funk Blocher
© 2006 by KFB

Part Three

Subject: Re: Why I'm not there
Date: 4/10/06
From: JaceFace
To: NotaBeach

Dear Aunt Sandy,

I don't believe this. You act like you just got the email I sent you, but I sent that the same night I got that first weird one from you, right after you disappeared. Don't you know it's been almost a year since then? I'm going to be 12 years old next week. I wish you were around, because I could use some advice, grown-up advice about stuff I can't talk to Mom about.

They found your car outside of Deming, all smashed up. They didn't find you though, or even any blood. Mom and Dad tried to tell the police that we got email from you, and we think you're alive. They took a copy of the email with them, but that's all. They never came back or told us anything.

After that we heard from a couple of people in Roswell. They say you were abducted by aliens. Do you think maybe Gabby is an alien?

Please notice I've worked hard on my writing since last year, even though I didn't get your criticism until just now. Yeah, I know that last email was bad. My friends all wrote like that at the time, but I kind of knew better.

Write back quick!


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