Friday, September 29, 2006

Now What?

Last night, after some gentle prodding by Sarah (not Sara), I finally finished writing and posting my serial The Jace Letters. I crammed four emails instead of the usual one or two into the conclusion of this all-email, epistolary story of a godmother who has been kidnapped out of normal space/time, and the goddaughter who teaches herself physics in order to rescue her.

Now I need to figure out what to post next in this blog, preferably something I can post on schedule without too much trauma. So I have a question for you folks who read my fiction: what would you like to see next? Your choices are as follows:

Black Rose Katie Spacks
  1. Black Rose Kate's Own Story - a bit of autobiography Kate left behind in one of my spiral notebooks

  2. Letters from Mâvarin - written by various characters at key moments in their lives

  3. What About the Children? - a Mâvarin prequel that I got stuck on years ago

  4. Joshua Wander. Art by Sherlock.
  5. My Favorite Ghost - a Joshua Wander story I've been holding back to preserve its salability (besides, I'm stuck!)

  6. Something else entirely - the catch is, YOU have to suggest the premise, and I have to like it enough to do it!
Rani Fost. Art by SherlockWhat say you? Shall Katie Specks regale you with the story of her escape from normalcy? Would you like to know about Del and Crel and Rani as children? Are you curious how a reluctant ghost gets a novice wizard off the hook after they're framed for armed robbery? Does the idea of Mâvarin apocrypha appeal to you? Or are you dying to see what I'd do with that fun idea you've been kicking around? Let me know, okay? Rani, Josh, Kate, Jace and I thank you.

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