Saturday, June 12, 2004

I can't believe I'm doing this...!

This is as bad as Beta vs. VHS, or the two (or was it three?) different laserdisc formats. Blogspot doesn't want me to comment unless I'm one of them. Ditto that other blogging service where Sara and Sarah (hi there!) reside. Now I know why Shelly has multiple blogs.

I hate it.

So here's the bit. I will use Musings from Mavarin as my primary page. Anything I post here I'll link to there and vice versa. If later I decide that this one gets all the Mavarin journal entries and ther other one gets everything else, so be it.




Karen Funk Blocher said...
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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Actually, I'm not going to try to post a link whenever I add a post to either blog. Rule of thumb: Musings from Mâvarin is going to have several new postings a week; this one, not so many once I repost all the "otherworlds journal entries" here. That's what this one will be for: the postings by people from Mâvarin, Mâton and Londer.

Anonymous said...

I'm posting as anonymous to test the theory that you don't need to have a Blogger account to post. One thing I love about Blogger is how you can manipulate the template. I've been learning some html that way. Shelly

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Shelly--I started this because on your Blogger Prssto Speaks! it insisted on my having an account--unless I misread something. However, I noticed in setting this one up that Comments can be set to allow comments from 1) nobody, 2) memers of the blog, 3) blogspot members, and 4) everyone. I opted for everyone.

I have been completely unable to make sense of the template--that's nothing like the HTML I'm used to! Any tips? --Karen