Monday, June 14, 2004

Otherworld Journal Entry #4: Prince Talber

Art by Sherlock

Excerpt from Prince Talber’s Mâvarin Journal
(translated from the original Londran by Li Ramet)
(Note: This entry goes with the second book.)

At last I am on dry land, but it is a strange land I never expected to visit: Mâvarin. My people have all but forgotten there is such a place, but it is very real, and very different from home. Everything seems a bit primitive here. There is no outdoor lighting, there are no printed books except for woodcuts, and the clothes are rough by Londran standards. Also, there are mages here, doing their magic openly. Two of them, Fayubi and Rutana, rescued me from the ocean when I was still many miles from shore. Rutana has welcomed me into her home, and is teaching me Mâvarinû.

I thought for a moment when I met Rutana’s son, Li, that Londran and Mâvarinû were similar languages, but alas, this is not so. Still, I am determined to learn their language as quickly as possible. Only then will I be able to stand on my own in this new world--once my ankle heals, that is!

I have not seen the woman in my Teacher’s drawing yet. When I do see her, what will I say? After all that has happened, it does not seem fair to ask her to share her life with me, regardless of what destiny says.

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