Monday, June 14, 2004

Otherworld Journal Entry #6: Baku Dener

Art by Sherlock
(Note: This entry goes with the second book.)

Excerpt from Baku Dener’s Business and Travel Diary

Thaledu, 9th Day of Ranosem, 897 MMY

Hired an amnesiac today for the first leg of the spring trip. Pay: 3 cr. / week. Duties: packing, lifting, firewood, dishes, guard, possible entertainment (singing, stories., etc.).

It’s not clear how he came to be in Cavern 14, but he thinks he’s from T’mar. He’s terrified of magic, which isn’t surprising. What else but magic would cause his abrupt dislocation and damaged memory? Tunli didn’t find any sign of a head injury.

Bora thinks our new employee and overnight house guest is one of the Heroes of the R. It’s hard to say for sure. The name he gave me--which he’s since forgotten—doesn’t match any of the names in the ballads. Still, he referred to the Queen by her old name, as if he knew her. Besides, if he were nobody important, why would anyone do this to him?

He’ll be coming with us as far as Hemlarbeth, where, we hope, selmûn healers will be able to help him. It’s a little embarrassing how grateful he is for our assistance. After all, he’s going to be paying his way in labor, and possibly in entertainment value. It will be good to have someone different to talk to on the long trip, someone who hasn’t heard all our stories before. He’s a nice enough fellow, what there is of him. It’s hard to say exactly what he’s like as a person, when he doesn’t know himself. We’ll have to see how things develop on the road, but I doubt very much that we’ll regret bringing him along.

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